Often, we make very ignorant comments without necessarily thinking about them and that’s exactly what Ghanaian socialite Moesha Boudong often described as an actress displayed on Adom TV when she sat with sensual television personality Akumaa Mama Zimbi.

As observed by Ghana’s Hub For Pop Culture & Urban Entertainment News – www.nydjlive.com, Moesha in discussing the topic ,”What celebrities look out for in men before marriage“, revealed she would only leave her man when he disrespects her.

Although she would not detail what she means by DISRESPECT, we find the comment as very ignorant.

I mean cheating on your partner simply means you disrespect your partner.

According to her, men will always cheat and so that’s a non starter for her (I wish the feminist could defend this assertion though)

“Whether poor or rich they will cheat…

Men are men, they are gonna cheat. You can be Kim Kardashian, you can be Beyonce, they are still gonna cheat, that’s how I see it but I’m never going to leave my man because he cheated. That is never gonna happen. I’m going to leave if he cheats and he’s very violent, doesn’t TAKE CARE OF ME, or he disrespects me.

What I hate is disrespect. If you are cheating and disrespecting me, I’m gonna leave but so far as you give me the respect, you can do whatever…

Now does that make SENSE? How does one cheat and still respect the partner?

Moesha Buodong