We have plenty of options of what to do for Valentine’s Day that’ll make show everyone just how much you care about them and your relationship with them.   Valentine Day is coming. What are your plans? We have got you covered. No need to brainstorm romantic ideas. Although there are many things to do on Valentine’s Day, we have carefully selected activities for you, in your best interest. You just to put extra effort, spend some money and truly make her feel special on the year’s sweetest day. Cook something special Bring out the Ghanaian culture in you by cooking some local delicacies this Valentine’s Day. Surprise your partner with his or her favourite Ghanaian dishes. You can organize a party and invite family and some friends to celebrate the day of love with. Travel If you are married with children who are always running around the house, this is the perfect time to travel and spend intimate moments together as a couple. Practice all the daring sex positions you have all dreamt off. Recreate all the memories you shared when you were dating this Valentine Week. If you are single, you can go on a group trip with your family or friends; go the beach and have fun. Organize a party February is the month of sharing, touch a life, put smiles on the face of others. Share your food and drinks with others on Valentine’s Day. Familiarize with people in your community, share jokes, offer your professional help if necessary and make new friends. Visit your Family members Don’t wait till Christmas before you visit your extended family. Spend Valentine’s Day with them, don’t forget to buy special gifts for them. It is important to keep connected with them.