It’s always hard to get a helping hand when you are climbing the ladder of life. Some get someone already on the top of the ladder who helps in their climbing while others don’t get such an opportunity.

If you will bear with me, normally majority of those who do not get a helping hand reach the VERY TOP.

There is always happiness filled at the new level when you get to the top of the ladder. That’s when you get the people whom could have helped and believed in you during the time you needed help coming around you and appreciating you as if his or her effort was involved.

Funny it is that sometimes there are people whom you personally went to seek help from and they turned you down. Therefore; because you didn’t give up you were able to make it. You are human. I know how it feel when they come around and you remember the disappointments, the look-down and the awful attitude kept towards you which makes you feel like paying them back.

Just the way they treated you. You just throw back to remember the times you use to tell them your dream and goals and all what you see is they laugh at you with the intention that you are “building castle in the air”.

The feeling comes and it’s natural. I came today to tell you that it’s never advisable to pay back in life for the wrong done. “I told my school mates I’ll be a president, they started using that to tease me. ‘Mr. President’ (Ex-President Agyekum Kuffour) It came to past although they didn’t believe in his dream.

I don’t think he went about looking for these school mates to mock them back but instead ruled us all. Sometimes the disappointments, the look-down and setbacks are the tools that builds one up.

It doesn’t matter if the person who should have helped you didn’t help.

You can still make the difference. Not all you feel should believe in you will. They will only believe when they see your efforts and actions into reality by then you might be so blessed to seek for their help.

When it happens like this, don’t pay them back when they come around, don’t act rare instead be kind to all because they also played a role in your life by making you stronger today.

Note that! The upcoming young person who might be going through this phrase in life.

Take this motivational message and enlighten yourself on it.

Thank you!!


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Writer: Annie~Joy
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