They come in so many forms.
We bare our souls to someone.
Then we love them unconditionally.
For some reason,
We always end up together.
That special person your mind wonders to

When you forget but remember.
Somewhere in our hearts,
This person resides comfortably
Because that spot will forever be theirs.
You get angry but never hate them.
They are harsh yet gentle.

When somehow, someway, somewhere, sometime you still come back like you never disagree.

When their smile brings a smile on your face
And no matter what you know you’ve got each other.
It’s more than smiles and tears.
It’s more than hugs

Even more than kisses and lovemaking.
Your heart, soul and mind comes to consensus for a person.
It’s more than the physical.
It’s a soul ties

Abrafi Sefa

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Posted by Mingle Gyamfi