Annie Joy


The flag of the blacks(Ghana) is lifted so high today because of the toil and the blood shed by our forefathers. The men of the moment on this Day are THE BIG SIX. Their hard work, dedication, love and service has given GHANA the authority today to scream and say ” GHANA our beloved country is free forever ” somewhere in the Gold Coast in the ancient days.

This beloved country was colonized by the British before the Six men decided to fight for the independence of our motherland. Fighting for a whole country to obtain an independence, which has guaranteed Ghana to be free forever. It was never a small task yet this Honourable men took it upon themselves and achieved it.

How much more you, as an individual. They didn’t achieve the success for our country on a silver platter instead they “TOILED “. I want to use the independence celebration of Ghana today to brief you about something. For you to obtain, gain and achieve success in life, it’s all about determination, hard work, and you keep on and on imagining the vision you want to bring into reality.

The BIG SIX never took this race of freedom for GHANA like the Akan’s game which is called “ampe” which involve throwing just your leg and clapping of hands (much tiredness is not experienced). They toiled to the extent that, some even shed their blood just for you to live in freedom today.

They are forever the men of the moment because they made a great impartation on our GHANA. Their moments didn’t last long but their memories live on till today. They led their moments well and honour is given to them whenever their names are mentioned. I want to motivate you today out of this piece.

There are two things I want you to discover for yourself. Which are; ” DETERMINATION and LIVING RESPECTFULLY in your MOMENTS. Whenever the hole you want to enter looks too small yet you want to enter, Do! Know that nothing is impossible. The toil of our forefathers made it possible for Ghana to attain freedom. Their determination moved them to press on.

Live your moment well, so that even when you are away and your memories are opened, respect, honour and best wishes will be made in your name. “We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor, it must be demanded by the oppressed. “by (Martin Luther). God bless our rock of ages, long live Ghana our motherland and Be courageous

Writer: Annie Joy