|| WHY FAIL ||


I met this young lady who was looking quite worried and stressed out. I approached her to find out what could be the problem.


Then she began to narrate what the exact problem was: ” It looks like all my efforts are in vain concerning my education. She said, this will be the third time I’ll be writing a WAEC exam. I Completed in 2014 and failed all the papers.


I got A1 during tests and was even the girls perfect of my school. I wrote Nov/Dec exams and failed in all again. I even taught my friends and they passed. So this will be the third time she will be writing again.” Then I asked myself this question; WHY FAIL?


How can someone who taught her friends to pass, fail her exams. The knowledge she gave her friends wasn’t it the same knowledge she applied during her exam? Although she is feeling like the clouds are crushing down on her, yet still, she has made up her mind to write to get what she deserves.


I know it’s not easy for her but she still has the hope that tomorrow can be better. You have gone for all the interviews after graduation and you were turned down. Because of that you are an unemployed graduate with a First-Class Degree so you feel wasted. With the thoughts; nothing good can come out. I know it’s hard and you feel like giving up or has already given up.


I want you to get inspired by the young lady’s story. It’s not like she is a dumb student rather someone who was a head girl of her school and you know the qualifications one must have before she can take the mantle as a head girl. She said; “I even thought my friends to pass”, yet see the outcome of hers. She is still trying because she knows tomorrow can be different.


You failed to reach the qualification of that young man who promised you marriage and he broke up with you. Therefore, each time you remember, you ask yourself WHY FAIL? Let me tell you, joy comes in the morning. It is not always going to be like this.


I know you are trying, in fact you have tried enough which now you have no strength in trying. But know this, Hannah didn’t stop praying and trying. She failed many times before Samuel came. There was a time she cried out and was questioned?


Young lady, are you drunk and at the end she obtained the Glory she wished for. Failure is something that can bring one down, in fact, so down. Sometimes, even what you failed in wasn’t something you should have yet you failed.


One thing I want you to know is; the one who failed and was able to work for success becomes a strong altar which can’t be demolished. You didn’t deserve to fail but it has happened so now walk in faith and pick up the CV and go for the interview you have heard of, go grab the text book of the subject of which you failed, study it and write again. Get rid of the young man who turned you down and be willing for another knock on your door.


Failure doesn’t mean you are a loser. Everyone who failed and worked on it becomes a great person and every great man has failed in his life time before.


The richest man known (Bill Gate) failed in a lifetime before gaining the title he has today. Failure isn’t the end…


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Writer: Annie~Joy