Annie Joy


Often times you find yourselves in compromising situations. You have knocked on so many doors, but there haven’t be any positive response. You have written that exams over and over but you still haven’t gotten that desired results.

You have been on all kinds of medications but your illness, still haven’t shown any signs of improvement.

You have taken your applications to almost all companies, industries among others but you still haven’t gotten the response you want. You have been to that embassy uncountable times but your visa hasn’t still been approved. That scholarship you’ve signed up several times hasn’t still been successful.

Then you lose all hopes, you lose your faith in God. You begin to blame others, and draw wrong conclusions that God has neglected you. You get discouraged and give up.

You can relate to the story of Joseph, he was disliked by his own brothers, that they even planned of murdering him. He was later sold as a slave to a different land. But, all these didn’t put a stop to Joseph’s loyalty, determination, commitment, God-fearing and humbleness attributes.

In Potiphar’s home he faced a lot of challenges that he was even jailed in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. All these, were all challenges to make him stronger (Physically, Mentally, Emotionally) it helped him create a stronger relationship with God. So, God finally made him a very significant person in the lands he was sold as a slave to.

His brothers met him on some occasion(In search of Food), they couldn’t even recognize him, but he did. He made it known to them that he is their brother that they sold.

They became scared but I’m always in love with what Joseph said “Come here, don’t be angry at yourselves for selling me, because God has put me here to Save people from starving”.

Everything in life happen for a reason although sometimes it’s not better but normally it’s for your own good.

Let say Joseph wouldn’t have received that honour if he was still at his family home.

In life, If you want the best of it you have to go through the test of temptation, that hurts like fire sometimes in order to embrace life.

You have come too far to give up. You have come to far to curse your journey. So, don’t ever give up, don’t ever lose faith in God because of what you are going through, trust HIM.

Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope.”(Martin Luther).

God always has amazing plans for you , it is up to you to be Humble, determined and faithful in all your doing. Be blessed.


Writer: Annie~Joy

Posted by Mingle Gyamfi