This is one of the most shocking scandals that the Catholic Church is facing in the recent years. The Mexican priest, Jose Garcia Ataulfo infected at least 30 girls with HIV. Most of these girls range from 4-10 years old. They are natives of Oaxaca province in Mexico. Shockingly, his exploits was forgiven by the Vatican City.











This disturbing story first surfaced in September 2016. Much more unsettling is the fact that the Vatican forgave him for his transgressions. But according to Daily Mail he is yet to face criminal charges from the Mexican court.












Jose’s case is one of the many scandals that the Vatican is facing in the recent years. News stories of bishops perpetrating ungodly acts such as pedophilia,embezzlement of funds,drug use and many other crimes are gaining online notoriety. Even the Pope itself became disturbed by these scandals and put forth new rules on how to deal with priests who committed offenses.