CHORAL-FEST is an annual choral program which seeks to bring to light our love for choral music in service to God and mankind. It is an inter-tertiary choral concert that is held for and by Pax Choir Ghana.

Pax Choir Ghana is an association of Pax Choirs in some tertiary institutions. It consists of Pax Choirs from UCC, UM AT, KNUST, CUCG and UEW.

Some of the core goals for which ChoralFest is organized is to facilitate fraternization among catholic students and most importantly to help raise funds to undertake crucial and selfless projects aimed at bettering the lives of some citizens in deprived communities.

In 2012, when Pax Romana Choir Legon hosted ChoralFest, the funds generated were used to buy an Electro Cardiogram machine (ECG) for the Cardio-thoracic center at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

In the same vein, this year’s ChoralFest is geared towards renovating a computer laboratory at the Senior Correctional Centre (Roman Ridge), formerly known as Borstal Home to help improve their knowledge in ICT.

The date for the programme is on the 25th of March, 2017 at the Central Cafeteria(CC), University of Ghana at exactly 4pm

Theme: I will sing to the Lord because He has won victory(Exodus 15:10)

Below is a performance of pax choir UG during choralfest 2015: