Things to follow if you are planning to fast for the first time…

If you are a new-Muslim or planning to fast for the first time this Ramadan, it is quite natural to feel anxious and wonder if you can pull off the month-long fast.

Fasting can be particularly stressful considering the fact that food is found in every corner.

Common questions are the health effects of the fast on your energy levels, should I slow down my life during Ramadan?

Talking to somebody who has already fasted during previous Ramadan can help as they can guide you on what to expect on your first fast.

If you are still in doubt, remember that millions of people fast every year globally, including small children. So, you could take your first step.

Here are some tips.

If you typically waste many hours in front of the television, start gradually replacing this with more beneficial activities like reading or light walking. Before Ramadan, start having an early breakfast and reduce your caffeine intake.

Keeping away from the sun and staying indoors if possible would help you from getting drained during sunny periods.

It is best to prepare yourself, both physically and mentally before the fast begins. The first 2 or 3 days will be the toughest. It will get easier and easier as you get deeper and deeper into the fast.

A fitness freak? You must slow on heavy experience from tomorrow.

Ramadan and fitness

For dietary changes, avoid oily foods when breaking the fast, especially during the initial days. Eat early dinner and avoid overeating to avoid any health issues.

Remember this point

You might find the first few days difficult to fast and feel hungry during the day. It is normal and over time your body will adjust to the new clock. credit:pulsegh