Robbie Fawler (1993-2001, 236 app 120 goals)

Ever since Robert Robbie Fawler left Liverpool in 2001, the anfield crowd has never sang or chanted the name “God” which was the nickname given to boby fawler during his time at Liverpool. Sources close to state that, ” the name, ‘god’, chanted by the crowd which had gone dark for about 16 years since the departure of Robbie Fawler from anfield has now found its place on the lips of the crowd.


Ostensibly it was SADIO MANE who was being referred to as “god”. The question is can he live up to the expectations of that name?


On a cold night at Anfield,  Sadio Mane was on fire as Liverpool comfortably beat Spurs 2-0 to move back into fourth place.
The man with a golden streak in his head marked his true return from AFCON with two goals. His body returned two weeks ago, but he wasn’t fit nor was he in rhythm with his team-mates. He hadn’t been able to overcome the horror of losing in the AFCON. Tonight he stepped onto the Anfield turf and screamed out “I’m baaaaaack!”

Mané is a great player taken purely on his own merits, but placed into Jurgen Klopp’s system with these Liverpool players, he becomes a priceless artifact. Mané may not be the best player in the world but he is a perfect fit for what Klopp wants to do. He’s such an ideal spear point for a Liverpool squad that is crying out for an unstoppable juggernaut.


But the interesting thing with Liverpool is that the ball-dominant playmakers always look clueless when Mané isn’t around. The usual dynamic is flipped.


So when Mané plays, suddenly Georginio Wijnaldum and Jordan Henderson have an outlet. When they look up, they see someone with tremendous pace running in behind the opponent’s defence. And then they can stretch themselves and spray wonderful long passes and create penetration.


That is exactly what happened for Liverpool’s first goal, with Spurs pushing up, Wijnaldum saw Mané running into the space left by false nine Roberto Firmino and threaded a precise pass for Mané to run onto. The Senegalese made his run and then slotted it home to give Liverpool the lead.

When Mané plays, suddenly Adam Lallana and Firmino have someone who can press on a par with them. Someone who steals in on the blindside of dawdling defenders and knicks the ball from them. Exactly as what happened two minutes after Mané gave Liverpool the lead.


Eric Dier controlled a falling ball and dawdled for just a second, Mané saw this and stole the ball from him and turned, heading for the Spurs goal. Immediately Firmino was running alongside him as they were charging at Hugo Lloris. Poor Ben Davies dashed over to cover, but that only allowed Mané to slide it across for the onrushing Adam Lallana to rocket it at goal.

£34 million for a player who deserves to be called “god” is quit a bargain.
“god” is baaaaaack!!!…


Ernest Ofori