Kim and West

For a while there, it looked as though Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were headed for divorce. Breakup rumors have plagued these two pretty much from the time they first got together, but this time it really looked like they were on the road to Splitsville. In fact, there was a time when Kim and Kanye were living in separate homes, and divorce seemed all but a foregone conclusion. Now, however, the couple is back together, and while it sounds like they’re not exactly better than ever, sources say they’re making adjustments in hopes of rescuing their badly battered relationship.

It seems one of those adjustments has been the mutual decision that Kim should basically take the reins for the foreseeable future. According to Radar Online, in the weeks after Kanye was hospitalized for an emotional breakdown “Kanye is like Kim’s puppet right now and he does whatever she says,” an insider tells the site. “She not only makes his schedule for him, but she tells him when and where he can go. She is kind of acting like his manager and his mother.” It may sound a bit extreme (and it is), but apparently Kim is concerned that ‘Ye’s behavior will do permanent damage to her reputation and thus, her career. “Kim is just terrified that Kanye will do more damage to her brand,” says the source. It’s a major dynamic shift, as Kanye used to hold all the cards to the extent that he picked out Kim’s clothes. Seriously. “It is opposite of what it used to be like, but Kim likes having the power in their relationship now,” says the insider. Unfortunately, it sounds like she may be going a little mad with power: “Kanye is not really allowed to do anything without asking her for permission,” the source claims. “But she is content with this because, at the moment, Kanye is not making a fool out of either one of them Hey, we prefer a world where Kanye isn’t constantly making a jackass out of himself, too! And people say Kim doesn’t do anything useful for humanity. Somebody pin a medal on this girl!