Dancehall King, Shatta Wale and Kasahari lyricist, Yaa Pono have been engaged in a lyrical battle ever since they clashed over performing at a concert a couple of weeks ago at the Cape Coast Stadium.

So far, the pair have traded two songs each in the battle and Ghanaian social media users have Ponobiom in the lead.    But, don’t take their word for it, you be the judge.

Below are all four songs in the battle so far;

Yaa Pono threw  the first pounch with Noko where he goaded Shatta to utter a word – Listen to Pono’s Noko here;

Shatta took the bait and fired back with Fi – Listen to Shatta Wale’s Fi here – 

The popular perception out there is that Pono ended the beef with the cathy Gbee Naabu – Listen to Yaa Pono’s Gbee Naabu here – 

However, it appears Shatta is not going down without a fight and has taken aim at both Pono and Iwan with the aggressive tune “One Man Killer” – Listen to Shatta’s One Man Killer here – 

Heed ears to tracks above and be the judge.

However there is a petition for these two rappers to show their prowess in the boxing ring.

Fendagh will continue to bring to you all the latest regarding this beef between these two highly decorated artiste in Ghana.