A 36-year-old mother and her 19-year-old son are in love and are willing to do whatever it takes to make their relationship work, even if that means fighting the law to make their relationship legal. However, if they fail and are found guilty of incest, they both face up to 18 months in prison. In the meantime, they’ve decided to go public with the affair to raise awareness of Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA) relationships.

But what exactly is a GSA relationship? It’s the attraction between close relatives (siblings, half-siblings, first or second cousins) who first meet as adults and fall in love. And that’s exactly what happened to Monica Mares and Caleb Peterson. She was 16 years old when she gave birth to him, and gave him up for adoption. They reconnected when he was 18 years old last Christmas, after getting in touch over Facebook.

Soon after, their relationship became intimate. Mares told the Daily Mail that their relationship began as mother and son but then she started getting ‘crazy feelings’. When she first told him, she was scared of what his reaction would be, but he took the news well.

‘We talked about it and we took off to the park. I said, ‘Would you ever date your mom?’ And he said: ‘would you ever date your son? And I said, ‘Honest truth yes I would,’ ‘ she told the website.

Source: newscdn