There are many articles and studies claiming that touching yourself have lots of health benefits including reducing the risk of prostate cancer. But unknown to many people, there is a greater advantage of not masturbating for 100 days or even a year! A few people managed to stop busting a nut and observed how they gained mental abilities similar to psychics.

The anti PMO(porn,masturbation,orgasm) subreddit/group named NoFap made a list about the benefits of quiting PMO. In their post, they emphasized many positive changes when a man finally quits PMO for good.

Some of the most notable advantages are in the field of ones’ psyche. Increased social interaction, being more empathic and having correct communication cues are the most significant changes that will happen to the person when he stops visiting the virtual fantasy world of pornography.

Quiting PMO for good should be done by most men in the world. In fact, recent studies even suggested that frequent porn viewing have lots of negative effects in one’s wellbeing. One of the greatest negative effect of porn is that it shrinks the brain and affect one’s decision making skills. While abstaining from porn increases a man’s testosterone levels.

Quiting porn do not necessarily give you abilities like stopping bullets or bending spoons using your mind but it can change you as a person. If you quit something toxic, it will surely turn you into the best version of yourself. You’re closer to achieve success once you became the person you really wanted to be.