Is it Preservable or its just a waste of time?

Comedy originated from ancient Greek, specifically found in bawdy and ribald songs or recitations apropos of phallic processions and fertility festivals or gatherings. Around 335 BCE, Aristotle, in his work Poetics, stated that comedy originated in Phallic processions and the light treatment of the otherwise base and ugly.

The Ghana movie industry is one huge industry with a lot of branches that showcase the creative works of its stakeholders most especially those who are adventurous enough to explore new fields.

comedy skits addresses everyday issues in a very hilarious and satirical way. It is one of the few productions gaining grounds in the industry. It started off with comedians, which was quiet typical of them but now individual film makers have taken interest and are shooting more of such productions which are being shown on tv to entertain people.

In fact comedy skits have become a great deal in the industry such that, industry players such Kofi Asamoah, Kalybos, Aho)f3 Patri and others claim their fame from it.

Some Other known brands of comedy skits include Abena Ghana by Konamah, Dr.Sean by Sean Paul, Ay3ka(the revelations of Mingle) by starboi Mingle Gyamfi , Kumasi 419 by Kofi Wayo, Araba Attah comedy, lagadat by Mjthecomedian, et al.

Today on our spectacles, we would like to satisfy all your curiosity on comedy skits and outline ways to improve upon its production.

Sketch comedy, another brand of comedy, comprises a series of short comedy scenes or vignettes, called “sketches”, commonly between one and ten minutes long. Such sketches are performed by a group of comic actors or comedians, either on stage or through an audio or visual medium such as radio or television.

Comedy skits have had a great impact on the growth of the characters and the industry as a whole. We must admit that comedy skits in Ghana have really added value to the entertainment industry.

Most people do not have the luxury of time to watch lengthy movies but would rather spend a little bit of their time to enjoy a seemingly short comedy.
The concept of skits is to create outcomes which are almost as equal to those of a full movie.

Apart from its time saving characteristic, it also puts smiles on the faces of its viewers giving them some kind of joy. For a moment they feel all their worries are no more.

Moreover, to the actors, actresses, T.V stations and others, it is a welcoming platform for profit making. Most of the comedy productions gain quite a substantial amount from their skits whiles others are able to secure sponsorships with them.

Furthermore, the content of the skits most of the time reflects real life experiences and seeks to address some petinent issues in the various walks of life

With a general assessment of comedy skits in Ghana, one could say,
“In fact it’s been great and it has really come to stay”

Now! to you readers. Any suggestions on how to improve comedy and how to make it attractive in the near future?

Let’s hear from you! Comment below.